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Medication Side Effects and Acupuncture

Sometimes taking medication is lifesaving and necessary. But all meds have side effects. Acupuncture can help mitigate these negative experiences so that the exerience is more tolerable to the patient.
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Late Summer & Health

Late Summer is considered its own season in Chinese medicine. Read more about its features, along with health recommendations during this interesting, transformational time of year.
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Your Liver & Your Health

The liver plays a pivotal role in the body, from both a western and eastern medical perspective. Learn its role and how you can maximize your health by taking care of this vital organ.
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Wrapping Up 2021

Health tips and office updates for end of year
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Navigating Pandemic Burnout

Pandemic Burnout has been experienced by many people in recent months. It is the mental and physical exhaustion from dealing with covid, constant changes and bad news about the state of the world. This article discusses how it happens, tips for dealing with it, and the Chinese medicine perspective on burnout.
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Addictions & the Pandemic

The pandemic has lead to an increase in addictive behavior, including binge drinking, stimulant and opioid use among other behaviors. Help and support is out there, and acupuncture can facilitate recovery.
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Vaccine News

The article discusses the new Covid-19 vaccines available and discusses how to get an appointment, who is eligible, as well as the author's firsthand experience receiving dose #1.
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Self-Care in Pandemic Winter Months

Self-care has never been more important than right now, during a global pandemic with winter at hand. Here's how to consider taking better care of yourself, for your own good.
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Pandemic Jaw Pain

The pandemic has caused stress and less than optimal ergonomics for those working from home. This all may lead to teeth clenching and grinding which causes a myriad of chronic problems. Acupuncture can help!
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Re-Opening Update

An update on how things are going with PeacefulHealingAcupuncture since the re-opening during the pandemic- what I'm treating, changes in procedure and so on...
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Ergonomics and Working from Home

The stay-at-home order due the new coronoavirus has brought about long term changes in the way we work. Many people have been working from home and will continue indefinitely. Poor ergonomics in home offices may cause new aches and pains which, if not addressed, might become bigger problems that affect efficient work, quality of life, and overall health.
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Re-Opening and Safety Protocols

This blog discusses how appointments and office procedures will change once the clinic has re-opened. Local and CDC guidelines have outlined the protocols necessary for safe appointments during the pandemic recovery in New York City.
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