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Keeping Healthy Amidst the Pandemic

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Kidneys & Ears in Chinese Medicine

This blog discusses how the kidneys are related to ears and ear health from the perspective of Chinese medicine.
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Don't Forget to Breathe...

The fall season is associated with the lungs in Chinese medicine. It is also related to the color white, the emotion sadness, the flavor pungent, and environmental dryness. Aside from enabling and carrying out respiration so that the body takes in oxygen and gets rid of carbon dioxide waste, the lungs in Chinese medicine do even more: they control the qi (or vital energy) of the whole body through respiration and in the formation of what we call Pectoral qi. This type of qi is created from inhaled air mixed with the essence of the food and water we ingest. It is then dispersed and distributed throughout the body. Because the lungs sit at the top of the thorax, their qi has a descending movement towards the lower organs and tissues. In this way, they assist in the circulation of qi and fluids throughout the rest of the body. The lungs dominate the skin and hair, and open into the nose and the throat and larynx. They regulate water metabolism and have a close relationship with the large intestine.Many syndromes pertaining to the lungs exemplify the roles they play in the body.
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Summer Sunburns

This blog post discusses sunburns, what they actually are and how to treat and prevent them. It also discusses the Chinese medicine view of summer heat and sunburns and how to choose a sunscreen product.
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Decluttering Yourself

This article discusses how Marie Kondo has a point in that cleaning up your environment can help a person feel more at ease. Taken a step further, decluttering your lifestyle and focusing on self-care is another step towards balance and health.
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Why Wear a Scarf in Winter Weather?

Traditional Chinese medicine identifies several external pathogens that can invade the body and cause illness...
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Sinus Health & Chinese Medicine

Sinuses are a network of hollow cavities in the head that are lined with a thin layer of mucous...
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The Risks of Self-Medicating

A few months ago, I received samples of an herbal supplement called kratom in the mail...
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Balance and Your Diet

Chinese medicine theory strongly emphasises balance and moderation in all things, including diet...
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Modern Technoloy & Your Health

There has been much in the press lately about modern day technology’s toll on posture...
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Horror Films & the Kidneys

It’s that time of year again: horror movie season! While costumes, Jack O’Lanterns and tricks or treats are fine for most people...
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Preparing for Surgery: How Acupuncture Can Help

Patients commonly experience pain, fatigue and nausea after surgery...
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