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Why Wear a Scarf in Winter Weather?

Traditional Chinese medicine identifies several external pathogens that can invade the body and cause illness...
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Sinus Health & Chinese Medicine

Sinuses are a network of hollow cavities in the head that are lined with a thin layer of mucous...
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The Risks of Self-Medicating

A few months ago, I received samples of an herbal supplement called kratom in the mail...
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Balance and Your Diet

Chinese medicine theory strongly emphasises balance and moderation in all things, including diet...
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Modern Technoloy & Your Health

There has been much in the press lately about modern day technology’s toll on posture...
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Horror Films & the Kidneys

It’s that time of year again: horror movie season! While costumes, Jack O’Lanterns and tricks or treats are fine for most people...
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Preparing for Surgery: How Acupuncture Can Help

Patients commonly experience pain, fatigue and nausea after surgery...
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A Brief Glimpse at Chinese Medicine.

In Chinese medicine, there is no separation between physical and emotional well-being...
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Fitness in Late Winter

Recently, I have heard so many patients despair over their lack of energy and motivation around fitness and healthy eating...
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The Pumpkin, in All Its Glory

The pumpkin is native to North America like other winter squash varieties...
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Healthy Skin & Hair

The skin is considered the largest organ in the body...
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Spring Detoxification??

Many people look towards the spring with a sense of hope...
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