Wrapping Up 2021

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 I want to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. It’s been another challenging year in this seemingly unending pandemic, and I am sincerely grateful to everyone who has come in for treatment. I appreciate your patronage and it is my pleasure to serve you. Your steadfast commitment to self-care, health, and healing is inspiring. My very best wishes to you all for2022!


New Variant

Much remains to be seen about the Omicron variant over the next few weeks. At the outset, it appears to be spreading more rapidly, but perhaps causing less severe illness than other Covid variants, including Delta. No one seems to know how well the vaccines will hold up to it, and as the CDC advises, it is best to stay vigilant with mask wearing, social distancing, and vaccinations. Nothing has changed in terms of my office protocol: I still wear a mask during all patient interactions, disinfect the treatment rooms between patients, use air purifiers, and so on. All patients must remain masked unless they are lying prone on a treatment table with their face in the headrest cradle. As tempting as it is to succumb to pandemic fatigue and anxiety over the media reports, I think the “Keep Calm and Carry On” mantra is useful. Please stay safe and enjoy your holidays.


Knee Cartilage Research

I came across this fascinating NY Times article about recent research on knee cartilage. Most of us believe we should be sedentary when we feel [subacute] knee pain, but according to this article, cyclic movement- including walking and running, is beneficial for knee cartilage. Cartilage does not contain blood vessels or nerves and short, moderate, cyclic exercise helps squeeze the tissue like a sponge, increasing circulation and pulling out toxins, which is beneficial for the joint. Regular exercise like this builds the muscles that support the knees and conditions them, which may stave off further deterioration. Even traumatic injuries- like acl ruptures- might be more easily avoided by training the soft tissues surrounding the knees to prepare for intense activities like skiing. The key is to do moderate amounts on a regular basis and if you experience pain afterwards, it is a sign you have simply done too much.


Acupuncture Facials are Resuming (for all those vaccinated!)

For the first 18 months of the pandemic, I suspended my acupuncture facial services. As time went on, many people requested these treatments, and I am now pleased to offer them to anyone who is fully vaccinated. Acupuncture facials address constitutional imbalances and involve a protocol of body points, facial points, facial poultices, massage, electrical stimulation, and dermabrasion to enhance the appearance of beautiful, healthy skin. The procedure increases blood flow and minimizes fine lines to give the face a rejuvenated glow. They may be purchased as a series, or simply as a stand-alone session before a special occasion. Read more at www.peacefulhealing.com


Practical Tips

Winter Footwear and Pain

I’m already seeing many cases of foot pain/injury due to winter boots. Supportive, quality shoes are an investment in your health. When the season transitions and you buy new shoes, break them in slowly and gradually. Foot injuries include spurs, bunions, neuropathies, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and more and may be avoided with proper footwear that isn’t worn out, but adequately broken in.


Cover your face… and head and neck!

One of the concepts in Chinese medicine is called “pathogenic wind-cold invasion,” which basically means if you catch a chill and your immune system becomes lowered, you may get sick. Wei qi, or defensive qi, will commence a battle with an entering pathogen and if it isn’t strong enough, or if the pathogen is very powerful (like coronavirus), you will succumb to illness. The head and neck are especially vulnerable because there are many acupuncture points throughout this area. Control what you can and wear a scarf, hat, and zip up your coat to keep warm and avoid cold wind exposure this season.


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