Re-Opening Update

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I re-opened the office on July 6th and have been available for treatments on a part-time basis. I have office hours Mondays, Wednesdays and either Thursdays OR Fridays. The city is slowly waking up and the Big Apple landscape looks different with many shops and businesses still closed and New Yorkers away for the summer. There are, however, many masked pedestrians out and about,and people are anxious to restart their wellness regimens and much needed self-care.


What’s a treatment like nowadays?


Acupuncture sessions remain a relaxing oasis through which to heal, although subtle changes have come about since the pandemic. Masks are required and talking time is limited; Department of Health guidelines are strictly followed, which include pre-screened appointments, COVID-19 consent forms,temperature readings and contactless payments. Treatments remain relatively unchanged- acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, tuina, exercise instruction, and herbal remedies are all available and applied as before the pandemic. The rooms are heavily disinfected between patients, air is purified with HEPA and UV filters, and I wear mask, gloves, and sometimes a face shield. For new patients and for cases which have worsened or changed dramatically, I do consultations by phone before the appointment.Especially for patients with compromised immunity, I suggest we add points to protect and enhance lung health and immune system defenses.


What are people coming in for at this time?


Pain management for both acute and chronic problems, especially low back and neck pain. Working from home, changes in lifestyle and other issues can lead to physical strain on the body. Chronic issues that have gone unchecked during quarantine may be worse now. Acute injuries or traumas (accidents,falls, strains, or recent surgeries) need immediate attention to jump start healing.


Neuropathy whether from cancer treatment, medications, diabetes, or of unknown cause, neuropathies can affect sleep and quality of life. The sooner these nerve symptoms (which may include burning, tingling,pins and needles, or crawling/itching sensations) are addressed, the faster and more thoroughly they heal.


Diabetes is a risk factor for complications from Covid-19! Acupuncture and herbal remedies facilitate not only with managing the symptoms of diabetes (thirst, extreme hunger, irregular sugar levels, neuropathy, insomnia and so on), but lead to greater stability in blood sugar levels. Many diabetics do well with simple maintenance treatments to manage symptoms and blood sugar.


Migraine headache episodes Lapses in regular acupuncture treatments may lead to an uptick in both frequency and intensity.


Menstrual irregularities caused by hormonal fluctuations can be influenced by stress and big lifestyle changes, which are all happening now.


Fertility treatments are time sensitive and patients who are undergoing IVF or IUI must adhere to a strict protocol with their reproductive physicians. Acupuncture significantly increases the rate of pregnancy with or without Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and is highly recommended for fertility.


Mental Health Stress. Depression. Anxiety. Insomnia. From ER doctors and nurses to the grief stricken to the unemployed, everyone is suffering in some way. This time is exacerbating pre-existing mental health issues and bringing on a whole new level of strain for everyone, and for so many reasons. The stress of these times plays a hand in worsening any symptoms.


Overall Wellness after a long pause in wellness regimens- gym memberships, healing therapies, and social networks that uplift us and keep us going- balance in life has faltered. Many people want to jump start feeling whole and healthy again.


 **I anticipate seeing more patients who have developed addictions and mental health issues during this unprecedented time. If you or anyone you know of is struggling with these issues, please consider referring them.Acupuncture is a resource for so many issues, and mental health and addiction struggles may be significantly ameliorated through specific needling protocols.


What if I don’t feel comfortable taking public transport and coming into an office?


Telehealth visits are available if you need a consultation for any reason. Herbal remedies may be drop shipped to you. Email or call me and we can set something up.

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