Autumn and the Lungs

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the autumn season is associated with the lungs. (It is also associated with the large intestine, the skin, the element metal, the emotion sadness, the color white and the flavor pungent.) The lungs are thought to have a special relationship with the body’s protective qi (or energy). If the lungs are damaged and not functioning properly, or if the lung qi is hampered in any way, the body is then susceptible to illness. A deficiency of lung qi may manifest in numerous ways, often affecting other organs, systems or bodily functions. Maintaining strong lung qi is essential for good health.

Since autumn tends to be a dry season and one in which pollens are prevalent, the lungs are particularly vulnerable during this time. Often people will have symptoms of allergies, colds, sinus problems and diseases that invade the body through the nose and throat during this season.

Helpful Remedies for Fall Allergies

There are a couple of helpful tricks to remember if you are a fall allergy-sufferer.
1) Acupressure:
Locate the following points:
-The area between the thumb and forefinger
-The area at the beginning of the eyebrow by the bridge of the nose
-The area at either side of the nose at the nostril level
Using a single finger, press these points and massage them in a circular motion for one minute intervals. You may feel discomfort initially with the pressure, but it should abate after a few moments.
2) Essential oils: lavender is a great essential oil for allergies. You may put a few drops on your body (wrists, pulse points, under the nose), or you may inhale the fumes of the oil. Another method is to add several drops to distilled water in a spritz container and spray your face throughout the day.
3) Chinese herbal medicine may be helpful if you suffer from chronic allergies or acute flare-ups. Chinese herbs can help build the constitution and target the source of the imbalance, not just block symptoms, as regular pharmaceuticals do.
4) Exercise is, of course, a great way to keep your body healthy and enhance your lung qi!

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