“When I first consulted Theresa Costigan way back from 2008, I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture treatment because I suffer from severe phobia of needles. I was able to overcome this deep-seated fear all  because of her patience and expertise in the TCM Acupuncture field. As an adult I have developed Type 11 diabetes. Currently I am able to control this chronic illness and am free from any symptoms of diabetic neuropathy due to Acupuncture and of course from Theresa’s healing hands. I always thought that  Acupuncture’s broad knowledge and training were  solely ruled by the Asian practitioners, but Theresa Costigan proves me wrong. She is fully knowledgeable in her chosen field of TCM and I trust her abilities to heal me. I highly recommend her expertise and training in Acupuncture. Whenever I enter her office, I am swathed with an aura of her calling to heal thru Acupuncture.”

- H. Gaskin   Queens, New York

“I came to Theresa with a re-injury of my left knee that left it stiff and usually swollen. It wasn’t impossible to walk, but it hurt to do so. I was enthusiastic about trying acupuncture for this problem, but after six sessions I had to acknowledge to myself that the knee was more painful than ever. I want to encourage people to hang in there with the amount of time Theresa recommends because after 7 sessions it was better, after 8 sessions it was no longer swollen or painful, and now after 10 sessions I no longer notice any problems in the area.

More important than the knee problem that brought me to Theresa, however, I have found her a compassionate healer and a wonderful source of traditional Chinese medicine wisdom and practices. After my knee issues have subsided, I look forward to continuing to work with her on issues of overall health and well-being. ”

- Mary Bailey

“Since my treatment began with Theresa about two years ago, pain from my TMJ has gone from acute and consistent to barely noticeable most days. I have also noticed drastic improvements in my overall stress and anxiety levels. Theresa is a true professional – thorough in her intake and treatment and responsive to her clients needs. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”

- Kim W.

“I have been very pleased with Theresa’s acupuncture sessions. She is a caring conscientious well trained practitioner who always takes time to fully assess all medical conditions each time I come. It is always thoroughly relaxing and I have more energy afterwards.”

- W. C.

“Theresa’s knowledge in the field of acupuncture is excellent. In addition, her professional care standards are exceptional. Theresa cared for me throughout my pregnancy and alleviated a lot of the challenges I faced during that difficult time. I have received acupuncture treatments from a variety of acupuncturists in the past and Theresa Costigan has exceeded my expectations from previous experiences. I am excited to continue receiving acupuncture under her care as she has helped me out tremendously. Thank you Theresa!”

- S. W.

“It’s my pleasure to refer you to my colleagues! You do so much for me, I always feel so much better when I leave your office, that if anyone has an issue, I have found myself often saying, Have you tried working with an acupuncturist…? I know a great one…”

- Rachel S.

“As a Type 2 diabetic, I have found Theresa’s acupuncture sessions an important, and successful, component in dealing with this condition. I have also found that the sessions are very helpful in coping with insomnia…”

- Joan L.

“Acupuncture has taken away my acute allergy symptoms and helps to control my chronic symptoms. It also serves as a great way to relax and revive once a week. Theresa is a wonderful acupuncturist who is very attentive to my condition and seems truly concerned and involved in my treatment.”

- Peter Endriss

“I was originally skeptical as to the benefits I would receive from treatment for gastrointestinal difficulties and symptoms related to asthma. Both conditions have improved drastically since starting treatment in May 2002. Thank you.

- Ray Arnold

“I came to Theresa for perimenopausal symptoms and within 1 day my hot flashes subsided. My stress level has definitely also been lowered significantly by her acupuncture treatments. I would recommend her highly- she truly listens and responds to whatever needs to be addressed. She is also very open to letting the patient know exactly what she is doing and why.”

- Patrice Donnell

“Hello, I’m Eileen and I have been treating with Theresa since December of 2001. I initially came to her to treat a bulging C4, eventually I started treating that and also my kidneys. I am very happy to say that since I have been treating I have seen great results. I no longer experience the level of pain that I once did. I can confidently say that acupuncture really helps the body heal.”

- Eileen Rivera