Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture is practically painless. The needles are extremely thin (the width of a hair) and with some points, you may not feel anything at all. With other points, you may feel a sensation similar to a mild electrical current, heat, heaviness or pressure. Sometimes, patients experience a tingling sensation in their body during a treatment. Generally, acupuncture is very relaxing, and patients will sometimes even fall asleep during a session!

Is it safe?

Acupuncture is extremely safe if it is performed by a licensed professional. The needles are pre-sterilized and disposed of after a single use, so there is no risk of infection.

How long does a treatment take?

The initial treatment takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. Follow-up treatments usually take an hour or and hour and 15 minutes, depending on the case.

What will I feel after a treatment?

Most people feel relaxed and revived after a treatment. You may sleep very well that particular night and you may have more energy over the next few days. Your may feel better immediately, or it might take more treatments to see a shift in your symptoms.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on the case. Generally, the longer you’ve had the condition, the longer it will take to heal. Some people do experience immediate results that last. However, everyone responds differently and many things (like age, general health, etc.) may affect the response rate.

Will I be prescribed herbs?

This depends on your case. Initially, most patients who are treated by Theresa do not receive herbs initially, but if she feels your case requires it, she will dispense a formula to you. She may also recommend dietary or lifestyle changes or other supplements.

Is there anything I should do before a treatment?

It is helpful to wear loose clothing for a treatment, however, gowns are provided if necessary. It is best to avoid treatment after a large meal, right after sex, or if you are emotionally upset. You should drink more water, avoid alcohol and avoid exercise immediately following a treatment. During a session, you should not move around once the needles are inserted; all you have to do is relax!