About Theresa

Theresa Costigan worked in the medical research field before she became a board-certified (NCCAOM) New York State licensed acupuncturist. She decided to pursue complementary medicine as a career after her own health problems improved with Qi Gong and acupuncture. At the age of 22, she had been diagnosed with essential hypertension and was placed on medication, which she expected to take for life. Serendipity led her to Qi Gong meditation, which improved her condition significantly. With increased practice, she eventually no longer needed medication and her blood pressure returned to normal.

Theresa’s experience with Qi Gong opened up the world of Chinese medicine. She became a certified Qi Gong Therapist and Qi Healer and she studied acupuncture and Chinese herbology at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China. She has since become certified in advanced facial acupuncture and acupressure techniques and has expanded her services to include Constitutional Facial Acupuncture.